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    Never Without You

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    Ringo Rama

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    Ringo Starr


Ringo Starr - “Never Without You” - Ringo Rama

"It’s all about George. This song is still very poignant for me, and I tried not to do it on the last tour, but I had to do it because it’s a beautiful song and expresses what I felt for the man. The song actually started with one of my co-writers, Gary Nicholson. Then I thought of putting Harry Nilsson, John Lennon and George into the song - all of my friends who had left. But in the end that got so mad, and I thought let’s just do it about George. He had just gone and I wanted to express my love for him. Also the guitar solo is pretty good - it’s by that guy who does Layla - what’s his name? He lives right down the road and who else could I have? Peace and love, Eric.” - Ringo Starr, Photograph: The Very Best of Ringo Starr

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